Part X: Transformations

Form is emptiness, emptiness form.

4:30 AM Woken up by D’s insomniac thrashing.
Put on Dufay.
7:09 Woke up, chatted with D in bed.
Changed from pajamas to sweats.
Brought D thyroid pill in bed.
Pressed kidney 27 and lung 1 on D.
Played Dufay.
Rinsed mouth, drank water.
Took carnitine.
Started journal.
Checked email.
Cleaned mouth guard.
Washed face, put on alpha hydroxy lotion.
Made semblance of order in bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
Consulted calendar for the day’s tasks.
Put drops in eyes.
Brewed genmaicha.
Worked on piece for D.
Gave D GABA and theanine.
Made semblance of order in study.
Read Thich Nhat Hanh’s book on the four foundations of mindfulness.
Looked at optical illusion on computer at D’s request.
Made bread and nut butter sandwiches, sliced apple, made D’s energy drink, took vitamins.
Ate breakfast.
Watched “Everyone else has had more sex than me” animation online, also at D’s request.
Continued reading Thich.
Brewed another cup of tea.
Put away breakfast things.
Checked email.
Washed dishes.
Threw out trash and recycling.
Said goodbye to D leaving for work.
Peed, put on lip balm.
Canceled health insurance.
Turned on computer.
Looked over bills.
Brushed teeth.
Washed more dishes.
Talked to D on phone.
Checked email.
Worked on habit book.
Pooed, read Persepolis.
Checked email, looked at craigslist ads, posted ads.
Worked on piece for D.
Worked on habit book.
Looked at craigslist ads, answered ads.
Worked on habit book.
Looked at craigslist ads.
Took pictures of meditation stuff, feet, clock on VCR for habit book.
Filled out form to request disqualification from jury duty.
Walked to restaurant down the street.
Read Thich while waiting for food.
Ate “gourmet” noodles.
Walked home.
Checked mailbox.
Checked email.
Ate São Tomé chocolate while sorting mail.
Worked on D piece.
Emailed Professor C to ask for recommendation.
Looked at craigslist ads.
Reserved table at Mother Nature for dinner with friends.
Talked to D on phone.
Worked on D piece.
Posted two craigslist ads.
Emailed Professor B to ask for recommendation.
Worked on habit book.
Looked at craigslist ads.
Worked on D piece.
Ate chocolate-covered soy nuts while working on habit book.
Looked at craigslist ads.
Worked on D piece.
Napped to Debussy preludes.
Squeezed out blackhead on face.
Checked email.
Worked on D piece.
Called D.
Went to hip hop class at YWCA.
Walked home.
Checked email.
Rolled back on foam roller, did back bend on gym ball.
Talked to D on phone.
Worked on D piece.
Called J.
Plucked nosehairs.
Walked to Stars for dinner.
Read Language of Blood while waiting for D.
Ate vegetarian fried ginger fish and chicken salad.
Ate São Tomé chocolate.
Pooed, read Persepolis.
Brewed nighty night tea for D and detox tea for me.
Worked on D piece.
Meditated on five hindrances.
Worked on D piece.
Ate Fig Newmans.
Checked email.
Worked on Asian American lit class.
Brushed, flossed.
Put on face lotion and eye cream.
Clipped fingernails.
Checked email.
Watched Inuyasha.
Put on Isaac mass.
Went to bed.

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