Part VIII: If Things Had Tongues

Woke up.
Put on Byrd masses.
Lay in half-sleep with D in bed.
Took carnitine.
Ate baby banana.
Put clean clothes away.
Checked phone messages.
Prepared gym bag.
Put on contacts.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Took Skin Eternal and multivitamin.
Ate corn flakes with dried cranberries, Montmorency cherries, and soymilk.
Browsed Guardian “Best of the Bay.”
Wrote query about Mazemapping to Suspect Thoughts Press.
Looked at calendar for things to do today.
Started journal, walked around apartment trying to recall everything I’d done since waking up.
Crossed off finished tasks in calendar.
Waited for D to get ready, browsed Guardian, looked up Manic Press online.
Walked to Y, talked to D about synopsis of Mazemapping.
Sat in steamroom, swam, sat in steamroom.
Walked around downtown Berkeley trying to decide where to eat lunch.
Ate veggie burger with spinach and feta and a side of onion rings at Barney’s.
Walked home.
Called Joe to cancel Caucasian Chalk Circle matinee.
Browsed Manic Press website.
Emailed N to set time to talk on phone.
Browsed Suspect Thoughts website.
Got massaged by D.
Packed for Spirit Rock.
Called sister in Orange County, called J in Chicago.
Emailed S to thank him for CD, listened to CD.
Looked for job openings on campus.
Helped D clean APAP mask.
Ate chocolate ice cream sandwich while watching episode of Awful Truth.
Mailed Netflix DVD.
Helped D dry mask.
Ate blueberries and tamarind while working on resumé.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Ate turkey jerky while working on resumé.
Talked to N about her syllabus for poetry class.
Worked on resumé.
Made cheese, blueberry, and chocolate pancakes for dinner.
Submitted job applications for administrative jobs at academic senate and office of admissions.
Popped pimple on face.
Brushed teeth, flossed.
Put alpha hydroxy acid lotion on face.
Stretched, meditated.
Gargled with fluoride mouthwash.
Started new calendar.
Read Introducing Baudrillard while waiting for D to get ready for bed.
Put on Ockeghem Missa Prolationum.
Went to sleep.

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