Cycle 37: Windows of Perception

To see is enough. (To see is to risk being seen.)
See: become: look again: always more to see. (Remember to look in now and again.)

Writing’s rhythm: See saw see again – look out – look in. (Look out! Once you’ve seen something, you can’t unsee it.) I look out – I’m not myself anymore.

Eye of Wind, Mind of Sky

With its boundless blue equanimity the heavens bear witness, embracing everything. (There is no evil under the sky.)

Suddenly the noon – motherless, childless.

Luminous elusiveness of the incommensurable noon – fugitive convergence of light and light.

And then, shadows . . .

Lines of shadow, curve of light – the clear-obscure geometry of time.

Shadow gnosis.

O rapture of the shadowless unfathomable noon!

Unbearable noon.

Anticipation of noon. Remembrance of noon. And noon itself?

Pregnant with shadows.

Axiom of noon: If light, then shadow – except at noon. (Beyond all ifs – the radiant certainty of noon.)

I look, you look, we look – never the same world twice.

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