Cycle 27: Sex Talks

Insatiable 2

I remember when all your porn videos were in your head.

I remember “Penthouse Forum” and “Ask Xaviera.”

I remember when you scratched the Betamax playback head when you used a butterknife to pry out a jammed video you had “borrowed” from your brother’s locked cabinet.

I remember Taboo, Insatiable 2, Deep Throat (though you're not sure if you've ever seen it), Switchhitters (from your brief bisexual phase), Erection Set, Wide Open, Hot Footin’, . . .

I remember when Calvin Klein underwear boxes were pulse-quickening.

I remember your father’s dildos, vibrators, and penis extensions stuffed in a shoebox deep in his walk-in closet.

I remember the brotherlove stories on Nifty Archives.

I remember the VCR counter, handy for rewinding your father's or brother's videos to remove evidence of their having been watched.

À la Recherche des Odeurs Perdues

Remember coming on yourself at night and not being able to just lie there and drift off to sleep because you have to wipe up the cum before it liquefies and drips down the sides of your belly onto the sheets?

Remember how persimmons and outdoor swimming pools smell like sperm?

Remember how you can never get just one kleenex from a new box?

Remember how it always takes at least three tissues to get cleaned up?

Remember how bits of paper sometimes get stuck on the head?

Remember calculating how many times you’ve masturbated in your life? (How many boxes of tissue? How many trees?)


Remember herpes!

Remember your washed-out father!

Remember the postcoital panic!

Remember vitamin V headaches!

Remember Nietzsche’s horse!

Remember hell!

Penis Envy

You forget when you took the first blue pill.

You forget porn-film erections are staged.

You forget about the side-effects.

You forget the shame.

You forget the doctors who say it’s all in your head.

You forget no-brainer hardons. (When was the last one?)

You forget everything when you’re horny.


You would only bottom after topping first, I remember.

You got embarrassed when the condom came out dirty, I remember.

You got off on masturbating using your lover’s semen as lube (he usually came first), I remember.

You agreed that the bottom got dibs on the shower, I remember.

You pretended that bottoming was harder than it really was so you wouldn’t seem like a “natural” (“big ole”) bottom, I remember.

You’ve stuck as many as four fingers in an ass, I remember.

You used to rush to the toilet after being fucked, I remember.

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