Cycle 33: Reversatility

And how is astonishment passed on? A body receives or gives it. Always a mind succumbs.

Shitting zucchinis is astonishing, shitting salmon bellies is astonishing, shitting ears of corn is astonishing. No no no dinner is not the astonishment no no tea is not the astonishment no breakfast is not the astonishment and shitting chocolate soufflés is because that bittermelon is tomorrow’s broccoli is yesterday’s bokchoy is tomorrow’s bittermelon. That bitterness is Aristotle is Marx is also Hobbes. That dragon kale is not that dragon kale but this makes them rainbow chards or astonishments also when dinner is not an astonishment. A moon falling is astonishing so if I shit a moon for dinner I am astonishing I am the salt which is in all salt so that moon is every moon. Also those.

When will I be where I was silent?

           The astonishment of living lives in all astonishment.

Beyond your astonishments you hear emptiness, she said.

Your reality will be the reality of astonishment. (Waking up has always been the most dangerous adventure.)

Astonishment severs the present from the future, unloosing the past in vectors of difference. The bound past chains neither future nor present. Emptiness weaves everything, arrives everywhere, touches eternity.

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