Cycle 40: Perverse Engenderings

Deathless Odyssey

If she does not love soon these mortals blame the gods.
Ah how shameless – the way she will love even unwilling.

Sapph O’Homer (Eight-Seventh Century BCE)

Fair Contraries

When I was fair and young and contraries meet in one,
Oh, to vex me, favor graced me.

Elizabeth Donne (1558-1631)


The Brain – is a Child as well as a Man
Maternal – as well as Paternal – wider than the Sky.

Emily Whitman (1830-1892)

Being Asado

What is a nail. A foreign song.
Without human feeling a nail is unison.

Gertrude Stevens (1874-1955)

Parturition Greens

Pain        is no stronger than the dark
At the thick of the resisting        force.

Mina C. Williams (1882-1963)

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