Part IX: Quoth the Maven

Woke up.
Did some metta meditation in bed.
Turned on computer.
Took carnitine, alpha lipoic acid.
Checked email.
Pooed, didn’t read.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Snarfed D’s butt.
Put lead in pencil.
Attached foam strip under door between living room and hallway.
Looked online for weather strips for back door.
Looked for Dalbavie and Manoury CDs online, did price comparisons.
Worked on online Technology and Society course.
Made peanut butter sandwich for D.
Toasted pop tarts and brewed tea.
Checked calendar for the day’s tasks.
Had breakfast with niece, ate pop tarts with tahini, telba, and green tea.
Looked up geek and nerd in dictionary.
Washed dishes.
Checked email.
Worked on online course.
Posted craigslist ads, looked at craigslist ads.
Brushed teeth.
Posted more ads, answered some ads.
Got bag ready for trip to the city.
Put on Grisey CD.
Shaved head.
Walked to BART.
Read No-No Boy on BART.
Met up with nipple-fetish guy near Castro, took pill.
Ate vegetable tempura roll at Osaka Sushi.
Saw Fanny and Alexander with J and S at Castro Theatre, ate pecan pie that S brought.
Updated journal.
Ate at Thai restaurant above Daddy’s.
Got vegan brownies at grocery on Market.
Talked with J and S on bench outside store.
Went to Café Flore with J and S, talked about Fanny and Alexander.
Took Muni and BART home, meditated on BART.
Walked home.
Talked to D a bit before he went to bed.
Put on delta brainwave CD for D.
Brushed teeth, made semblance of order.
Checked email.
Showered, cleaned ears and nose.
Took vitamins.
Shopped for music online.
Masturbated to pics of Jordan Young.
Worked on online course.
Went on chat.
Bought French CDs from store in Quebec.
Checked calendar.
Shut down computer.
Changed delta CD to Byrd mass.
Went to bed.

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