Part IV: Katalogos Grammatikos

Woke up.
Put Byrd mass on.
Closed doors to bedroom to let D sleep more.
Turned on computer.
Gargled, took carnitine.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Checked calendar.
Started journal.
Pooed, read Z Magazine article on WTO.
Tried to convert Mazemapping to pdf.
Cooked 7 grain cereal with grits.
Got D to help me with pdf conversion.
Took multivitamin and Skin Eternal.
Ate breakfast.
Took breath-freshening capsules, brushed teeth, flossed.
Got dressed to go to dentist.
Walked to dentist.
Had teeth cleaned.
Went to Tower to browse classical CDs.
Checked mail in English department office.
Photocopied poetry-writing handout for Flip lit class.
Walked home.
Ordered tofu bibimbap and spicy chicken to go, felt hungry while waiting for food, watched workers frantically serving lunch crowd.
Eavesdropped on two women sitting next to me.
Walked home.
Ate spicy chicken for lunch.
Went over pdf version of Mazemapping.
Ate four organic strawberries.
Checked email.
Surveyed apartment and made semblance of order while brushing teeth.
Pooed, read Z Magazine.
Napped to Kurtág.
Masturbated to Cherries.
Read a few pages of Transformation at the Base.
Put electronic music on (Smalley).
Brewed white tea.
Ate chocolate brownie and chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream with hemp seeds on top.
Worked on habit book (this week – the bathroom), took picture of flush handle.
Interrupted work to check email.
Chose pictures for habit book with D’s help.
Brewed white tea.
Massaged D before his nap.
Filled out forms for online teaching job with DeVry.
Ate almond butter sandwich.
Worked on habit book.
Made semblance of order.
Checked email.
Wiped armpits with alcohol, washed face, put on contacts, changed clothes for improv class.
Walked to improv class.
Walked home with German guy from improv class, wondered if he was gay.
Bought chicken burrito.
Checked email, went to to see if I got any hearts.
Ate burrito.
Tried to create Comcast webpage for Mazemapping by myself because D was busy playing City of Heroes.
Built Geocities webpage myself.
Pooed, read review of The Passion of the Christ.
Brushed teeth.
Fiddled with webpage.
Flossed, cleaned ears and nose.
Worked on DeVry job application.
Put on Byrd’s Great Service.
Went to bed.

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