Part II: Camera Polyphonica

Woke up, lay in bed a bit, palpated bump on back of my head. (Is it growing?)
Put glasses on, got out of bed, slipped Birkenstocks on.
Started writing journal.
Checked calendar for things to do today.
Peed, washed hands, gargled, took L-Carnitine.
Put Tallis on.
Went back to bed, talked with D.
Looked through Loving-Kindness book for meditation exercise for D.
Massaged D.
Surveyed apartment, made semblance of order.
Put Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on to cheer D up.
Turned on laptop.
Put clean clothes away.
Helped D clean mask.
Cut papaya, shared with D.
Took Skin Eternal, multivitamin, echinacea.
Ate papaya with Pavel’s organic lowfat yogurt.
Washed dishes, brewed sencha for me and AM detox for D.
Made pink drink for D.
Washed face.
Brushed teeth, looked out window facing bay.
Cleaned nose.
Planned to read The Journalist.
Put Mozart’s Haydn quartets on.
Looked over phone bill.
Checked email.
Checked show times for Triplets of Belleville.
Set alarm for 11:30.
Sent email about Triplets to students in last semesters's Text and Image seminar.
Peed, washed hands.
Snacked on nori maki while working on course proposals about psychologies of exile, experimental writing.
Cut fingernails on landing outside front door.
Pooed, remembered I had brown rice yesterday.
Worked on course proposals some more.
Consulted calendar.
Peed, washed hands.
Put on Haydn quartets, brewed more tea.
Worked some more.
Did some internet research on Irish-Filipino parallels, no hits on google.
Cleaned glasses before going to movie.
Ate vegetarian pho at Pho Hoa.
Saw 1PM show of Triplets at Shattuck Cinemas.
Discussed course proposals with D.
Ate banana.
Helped D dry mask.
Ate sweetened white beans with goat milk, took lactase.
Sliced pear for D.
Reheated cup of tea in microwave.
Made cup of sencha for D.
Washed dishes.
Worked on course proposals.
Put on lip balm.
Worked some more (3:33PM).
Checked email.
Worked on piece with photos for D’s birthday.
Peed, washed hands.
Connected color printer to laptop.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Put Bartók violin concerto on.
Used Japanese stab binding to sew pages of gift for D into booklet.
Made pesto tortellini for me, spaghetti and meatballs for D because he’s not eating dairy these days.
Ate dinner.
Put away leftovers.
Washed dishes.
Jacked off to “Twinks’ First Time” on computer, didn’t come.
Checked email, answered emails, coordinated D’s birthday dinner.
Installed printer software.
Masturbated, came.
Washed dishes.
Brewed sleepytime for D, oolong for me.
Drank Emergen-C.
Peed, washed hands.
Put on Bartók violin sonatas.
Worked on Flip lit class.
Washed pots.
Searched for snacks.
Made semblance of order.
Put away clean clothes.
Answered some email, made more arrangements for D’s birthday dinner.
Watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Brushed teeth, flossed.
Washed face, put on lotion, lip balm, cleaned nose.
Checked email, more birthday arrangements.
Checked calendar, crossed off finished tasks, moved unfinished tasks to the next day.
Put on nightmusic (Tallis).
Read a bit from Loving-Kindness book.
Back cracked by D.

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