Cycle 4: Musical Chairs

Did you know that possessed and obsessed have the same root as hostage and sedate as well as chair and cathedral?

Why do painters stand and writers sit?

How many men have I bedded on this couch?

Nietzsche was a walker, Picasso a stander, the Buddha a sitter, and Proust a lier – what am I?

What is a chair? What makes a chair a chair? A breast is not a chair. A guest, a test, a jest, a nest, a quest are not chairs. A chest (whether hairy or smooth) is not a chair. And if I sit on it?

Why do they call it sitting Indian-style? Japanese-style? (Did Sei Shōnagon write The Pillow Book sitting Japanese-style? How did Sitting Bull sit? Did the Buddha sit Indian-style under the bodhi tree?)

Kings and Lamas

Since cars were invented, how many people have died sitting down?

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