Part III: Like a Metaphor

Woke up, lay in bed for a few minutes.
Put on Fayrfax mass.
Cuddled and chatted with D, discussed birthday plans.
Put on gray fleece sweater.
Drank water, took carnitine.
Made list of people to invite to birthday dinner, looked in East Bay Express and online for possible restaurants.
Checked email.
Pooed, read poems in NY Review.
Took multivitamins and Skin Eternal.
Set clock on microwave.
Drank Emergen-C.
Ate papaya with yogurt.
Called water filter vendor.
Prepared notes for Flip lit class.
Graded papers.
Packed bag for class.
Shaved face and top of head.
Got dressed.
Tried to remember things I forgot to record in journal.
Walked to campus.
Taught class.
Met with student.
Walked home in rain.
Ordered water filter over phone.
Went to bakeshop to look at cakes for birthday.
Went to Udupi for lunch, ate Malabar paratha and korma.
Went to Radio Shack with D.
Took pictures of floor for habit book.
Ate ice cream sandwich and almonds while D told me about episodes of Scrapped Princess I missed.
Ate kumquat while adding stuff I’d done since Flip lit class to journal.
Worked on habit book.
Ate sesame tofu salad and garlic fries at Smart Alec’s.
Went to ATM with D.
Saw Gunslinger Girls and Scrapped Princess at anime club screening.
Drank orange juice with Emergen-C and vitamin C crystals, sucked zinc lozenge.
Showered, brushed, flossed.
Added stuff I’d done since working on habit book to journal.
Put Pärt Miserere on.
Went to bed.

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