Cycles 13 and 14: Desiring-Machine


. . . therefore I I.

At the beach: Soggy toes ergo sum.
In a jungle: Mosquitoes ergo sum.
In the city: Graffito ergo sum.
At a Mexican restaurant: Burrito ergo yum.


1 or 0?
Have we become the ghosts of our machines?



You are what you eye.
(You I what you eye.)

Not Only . . . But Also . . .

Metaphor maker. Metamorphosis machine.

Digital surrealizer.

Third eye. Dream of an I-less eye.

Unmasker. Masker. Mixer. Maker. Unmaker.

Past presenter.

Time surpriser.

Click. Who knows what this shot will expose?

Click. Click. Never the same world twice.

. . . click . . . click . . . click . . . Will I ever catch up to the speed of life?



Caught between hunger for hunger and hunger for non-hunger.


Breakfast: Papaya and yogurt.

Second breakfast: Bread and almond butter, a banana, aloe vera juice.

Lunch (Japanese restaurant): Fried chicken (tori no kara age), miso soup, rice.

Snack: A pear.

Dinner: Leftover rice (microwaved), stir-fried asparagus with garlic and ginger.

Dessert: Earl Grey tea, chocolate biscotti, strawberries.

How many stomachs?
How many fat digests would a lifetime catalogue of consumed comestibles distend?
(what?) am I sustaining with this food?



No need for magic words – my hands are open-sesames, my metacarpals magic keys.


And after this metal age? Who can guess the future of the hand? What incomprehensible objects will it clutch and cling?



In: Out . . . In . . . Down . . . Up . . . : all you need to know about life.

Out: May my last breath be as speechless as my first.

In: Every breath, a kiss of life.

Out: The wisdom of the breath: it doesn’t hold back.

In: Dream of writing that takes one’s breath away – then gives it back, refreshed by the air of another world.


While the selfing mind labors compulsively to divide inside from outside, the subtle breath calmly confounds them.



Roll forth and multiply!

Repetition is the name of the game. (But what game are we playing?)

The unpredictable turning points when repetition makes a difference.

The cult of the reproducible.

Could my horror of repeating myself be making me repeat myself?


Channel 2: Far from banishing ghosts, technology has multiplied them.

Channel 4: Why, rather than making us more skeptical, has television made us more credulous?

Channel 8: In a universe of voyeurs, nothing happens.

Channel 16: We look and look and look, but aren’t seen - this makes us sick.

Channel 32: In a world hurtling toward its own destruction, what else can one do but watch?

Channel 64: Why shouldn’t TV start a revolution?

Channel 128: Television in America – tragedy or farce?



First movement: Why wait till tomorrow if you can escape today?

Second movement: What the oracle said.

Third movement: You can dance if you want to.

Fourth movement: So much more profound is the unthinking of the muscles.


The history of technology – the seemingly inevitable slide of in order to to just because, of so that we can to because we must.

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