Cycle 7: Metamorphosis Magnificat

The Habit of Desire

Longing shadows in dreaming caves, desire’s obscure habitat.

The Geology of Disguise

Red today, blue tomorrow – the never-naked self’s nervous harlequinade chronochromatically stratifying the naked days.

Signs and Tangents

In the Valley of Love’s Triangles winding through the Masquerade Mountains, see the battling signs and cosigns of appearance locked in obtuse opposition. But in the ever-circulating ocean of Reality – swirling Sea of Paradoxes – feel how naked opposites embrace, promiscuously interpenetrating.

Le Clavier Déshabillé (ou Le Midi Nu)

X marks the pause, the white fermata where the arrested morning pools for a melisma before cascading in arpeggios toward the new noon.

Guises and Fabrications

What his clothes say about him behind his back: Underneath his fancy fabrics and fussy habits, he’s stark naked.

Autochromatography without Words

Penetrating my bare senses’ prisms, white life scatters into a thousand kaleidoscopes.

Zeno’s New Clothes

Thinking is the mind’s unthinking habit of shooting arrows that never arrive. (Underneath its habits, the mind is naked.)

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