Cycle 6: Forward, Backward, Sideways

Going is green. What color is coming?

Purity - inviolable and unchanging - is a fantasy of the black-and-white mind. Coming and flowing in living color, the body knows life is a gloriously dirty business.

Terrified by the body’s unturning progress to its fatal vanishing point, the blinkered blue mind frantically circles itself.

While the babblers built a golden tower to heaven, the silent ones tunneled deep into the earth.

What goes up must.
–Gold’s Law

The wishful mind climbs silver staircases to golden nowheres; but reality neither rises nor falls – it spreads.

It won’t be long before humanity wins its mad red race to outrun itself. (Will we be able to create a new mythology to overtake our fatal addiction to speed?)

Up up up shouts the purple-passioned crowd: Up up up thud their heedless headlong hooves.

For a long time I climbed without knowing why. But then I realized this and stopped - and decided to try just climbing to climb. But now I see - I’ve always been climbing to fall. (The good earth has always been waiting for me.)

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