Prelude: Just Breathe

Sing to me of life, Breath, this life of twists and turns.

Who needs memories?
Life breathes without having to remember to.


Another breath, another birth –
spiral of becoming, conspiring circulations –
another breath, another death –
death is not death –

   Embrace outspace
   Inspire green difference
   Expand the white moment
Breathe out

I see my belly rising rising
I hear my nostrils flaring
I smell my self unselfing with each passing breath.
I taste time’s breathless tongue licking flickering
I feel my spirit turning, returning
I think I am – one breath – I’m not. (It breathes.)

Beyond the breath, just breath (behind breath no hidden meaning)

Reality is just a breath away (realizing is improvising)

Each instant new eternally (each moment borrowed time)

Again, breath’s mantram of unself-renewal (anything can accident an awakening)

Thus spoke the Tathagata: thinking is not breathing (thinking is disembodying)

Here, just hear (hope is the enemy)

Ecstasy’s sublime silence (escape from nowhere to now-here)

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