Part I: What Is the Question?

Woke up (8:30 AM).
Read Armenian Papers in bed.
Rubbed D’s butt, talked in bed.
Put on black corduroys.
Walked dogs, avoided other dogs.
Bought cinnamon-swirl loaf, bear claw, French almond macaroon from bakery.
Drank Emergen-C, ate slice of cinnamon bread.
Recorded everything I’d done so far today.
Brewed tea (green).
Washed dishes.
Consulted calendar for things I have to do today.
Helped D search for pills.
Washed hands (repeatedly throughout day).
Searched for paper, couldn’t find any.
Washed face, brushed teeth, cleaned nostrils.
Made semblance of order in kitchen and bedroom.
Cut fingernails and toenails.
Pooed, read Electric Meme.
Listened to Bright Sheng CD.
Called Ma, drank second cup of tea while talking on phone.
Snuggled with D.
Had another Emergen-C.
Watered J’s plants.
Called D.L. about job teaching creative writing.
Showed B and P J’s house.
Peed (many many times throughout day).
Watched Personal Trainers 2, jacked off.
Brewed third cup of tea.
Checked phone messages remotely.
Worked on implicit Buddhist structure of habit book.
Smelled myself.
Had another Emergen-C.
Ate carnitas burrito brought by D from Cactus.
Washed dishes.
Discussed ideas for habit book with D.
Showed D journal entry on wanking.
Brushed teeth.
Pooed, read Electric Meme (no poo came).
Snooped in J’s tenant’s room.
Did laundry in basement.
Walked dogs.
Read Electric Meme.
Cuddled with D in bed.
Brewed fourth cup of tea, also a cup for D, ate slice of banana bread from R, B’s wife.
Worked on structure of habit book.
Played with dogs.
Cooked eggs with goat cheese, veggie chicken nuggets, had pomegranate juice with dinner.
Watched King of the Hill.
Shared bear claw with D.
Worked on habit book while waiting for L-Word to start.
Found out the L-Word wasn’t showing after all.
Sucked by D.
Waited for D to watch the beginning of Smallville so we could walk dogs.
Walked the damn dogs by myself.
Worked on habit book.
Brushed teeth, flossed.
Pooed, read Electric Meme.
Masturbated in bed.
Put on face lotion.
Read Oliver Sacks article on consciousness in NY Review.
Read Men in the Off Hours.
Had another Emergen-C.
Brushed teeth.
Petted dog, washed hand.
Read Electric Meme.
Nighttalk with D.
Read Pema aloud.
Back cracked by D.
Went to sleep.

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