Part VII: The Feeling of Feeling

7:20 AM. Woke up from anxiety dream about forgetting to show up for a class I was supposed to teach at 11.
Put on Ciconia.
Turned on computer.
Took carnitine, alpha lipoic acid.
Checked email.
Cuddled with D in bed.
Gave D hand and foot massage.
Got massaged by D.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Cut cantaloupe.
Pooed, read NY Review article on mazes in architecture and music.
Took vitamins.
Checked email, Gaydar.
Looked at calendar for things to do today.
Ate cantaloupe, posted craigslist ad, looked over journal entries.
Washed dishes.
Went on
Posted another craigslist ad, chatted.
12 PM. Started writing.
Checked email repeatedly.
Took pictures for habit book.
Waited for trick.
Ate banana.
Ate claypot at Vietnamese restaurant down the street.
Picked up mail.
Masturbated to pics of guy who was supposed to meet me at 1:30 but didn’t show.
Napped to Socrate.
Ate chocolate fudgie brownie mixed with Scharfenberger ice cream.
Took pictures of a picture of myself as a child for habit book.
Selected photos for habit book.
Brewed green tea.
Chatted online.
Checked calendar.
Worked on online course.
Cooked angel hair pasta while listening to Socrate.
Ate pasta with marinara and meatballs and a side of yellow and green zucchini.
Talked to E in Boston on phone.
Went to African dance class at YWCA.
Ate pluot.
Brushed, flossed.
Pooed, read NY Review.
Put on Skin Eternal lotion and eye cream.
Chose CD to fall asleep to.
Read Electric Meme.
Got back cracked by D.
Put on Obrecht mass.
Went to sleep.

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