Part VI: Operating Instructions

Woke up, had conversation with D about why I’m not out to my mother, listened to D make conjectures – I’m ashamed, afraid, etc.
Lay in bed while D washed new fiesta ware.
Cooked Irish oatmeal.
Took carnitine.
Checked calendar for the day’s tasks.
Listened to D talk some more about why I’m not out, made pistachio butter sandwich for him to take to work.
Took Skin Eternal, lactase.
Ate oatmeal with goat milk and maple syrup.
Pooed, read NY Review article about Bin Laden.
Washed dishes.
Brushed teeth, washed face.
Put leftover oatmeal in fridge.
Went on chat, Gaydar, Adam4Adam, checked email.
Napped to Pli selon Pli.
Checked chat, etc.
Called about administrative job on campus.
Made appointment to renew license at DMV.
Chatted online.
Called Iranian guy from chat.
Got ready to see M, took pills, put on contacts, pooed, gargled, showered.
Lay on white thing.
Messed around with M (big dick!).
Cleaned up living room.
Ate bread with pistachio butter and limequat marmalade.
Napped to Pli selon Pli.
Ate banana.
Checked email, Gaydar, etc.
Checked job listings online.
Chatted online.
Bought Cooking 123 and Morimur CD for C and R as thank-you gifts.
Ate banana.
Worked on online technology and society course.
Ate chocolate-covered blueberries.
Cooked rice pasta.
Ate spaghetti with soy meatballs.
Cleaned up kitchen.
Checked mail.
Worked on online course.
Masturbated, didn’t come.
Ate Masse’s chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream while watching South Park.
Brushed teeth, flossed, washed face.
Masturbated, came.
Checked off completed tasks in calendar.
Read Why Is Sex Fun? in bed.
Put on Sheppard Mass.
Went to sleep.

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