Cycle 24: Invisible to Desire

The Invisible Refrigerator

I don’t hear it either.

Do You See What I See?

Memories made visible to him; to you, invisible gimcracks.
He sees what isn’t there; you don’t see what is.

In the Closet

Some oblivionologists say there are forty-two kinds of remembering. One iconoclast even argues there are as many as 666. But all of them know - there is only one forgetting.

Leaves of Grassness

From lush Marcel you learned to see Sodom and Gomorrah in a lusty flower. From florid French philosophy you learned to idolize the deviousness of plants. (Rhizomes are revolutionary, grass is perverse!) But in a corner of your living room, a neglected cyclamen is dying of thirst.


For a long time I saw nothing in photographs, but time started slipping away, so armed with my belated camera, I went in search of it, hoping to surprise it in untimely photographs. (In photographs both the reality and surreality of seer, seeing, and seen made visible.)

Who is seeing? What is seen? The seer sees the frame.

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