Part V: Elementary Particulars

Dreamt I rode to the top of a Marriot hotel in a glass elevator, squatting on the floor with my eyes closed the whole way up because I was very scared (6:08 AM).
Peed, went back to sleep.
Got up, lay in bed for a bit.
Put on Josquin Malheur Me Bat.
Massaged D.
Read Pema aloud in bed.
Blew nose.
Pooed, read NY Review article on Stalin.
Took carnitine.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Drove to Y, argued with D about neighbors not sorting their recycling.
Made oatmeal with goat milk and maple syrup for breakfast.
Ate oatmeal, banana, and mango.
Looked at calendar for things to do today.
Put groceries away.
Checked email.
Watched The Simpsons on video.
Shopped for a new phone online.
Pooed, read NY Review.
Ate almond butter and limequat marmalade sandwich.
Made ginger tea for D, sandwiches for D and masseur.
Got massaged.
Cleaned bathroom.
Checked email.
Brushed teeth, made semblance of order.
Napped to Messiaen.
Put on Scelsi Khoom.
Picked up mail.
Went through mail, threw out junkmail.
Ate baguette with Valençay chèvre, drank carrot juice.
Checked email.
Ate turkey jerky while reading Fixer Chao for Flip lit class.
Checked email.
Put Salonpas on D’s finger.
Ate Weetabix with dried cherries, pistachios, and soymilk.
Brushed teeth.
Put back furniture that was moved to make room for massage table.
Hung out with J.
Went to Asmara for dinner, ate vegetarian combo.
Ate M&Ms.
Saw The Miser, left during intermission.
Hung out at L’s.
Took J to Rockridge BART.
Went home.
Ate pear.
Brushed teeth, flossed, washed face.
Pooed, read NY Review.
Changed into sleep clothes.
Made semblance of order.
Chose CD to sleep to, put on Perotin.
Listened to D read Pema aloud in bed.
Went to sleep.

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