Part XI: Polyhistories

Woke up, cuddled D in bed.
Blown by D.
Fucked by D, didn’t come.
Masturbated while D showered, came (finally).
Put on Benjamin CD.
Made semblance of order in apartment.
Made almond butter sandwich for D, packed pear for D’s lunch.
Turned on computer.
Took echinacea.
Checked email.
Checked calendar for day’s tasks.
Changed settings on email program to comply with encryption requirements.
Helped D with email to doctor.
Pooed, read Death.
Brewed genmaicha.
Put on Mugam Sayagi.
Had raisin bread with almond butter, yogurt with granola, tea for breakfast.
Helped D look for misplaced BART tickets.
Ate banana.
Took Skin Eternal and multivitamin.
Called Now & Zen about defective clock.
Checked email.
Brushed teeth.
Drank Emergen-C.
Worked on presentation on the Buddha, Joyce, and form.
Popped pimple on face.
Pooed, read Death.
Prepared veggie chicken nuggets, brown rice with black beans, and egg for lunch.
Read Hunger while waiting for food to cook.
Ate lunch, drank aloe vera juice mixed with blueberry and pomegranate juice.
Worked on presentation.
Checked email repeatedly.
Looked at Leiris’s book on Francis Bacon to see what he had to say about arrows.
Checked mail.
Napped to Kronos Quartet.
Ate triple berry-o’s with pumpkin seeds.
Brewed tea.
Worked on presentation.
Ate 2 kiwis while looking at PFA schedule for Asian-American film festival.
Changed for hip hop.
Brushed teeth.
Went to art museum to buy tickets for film festival, box office was closed.
Went to hip hop class at YWCA.
Walked home in rain.
Called D, left message.
Ate berry-o’s.
Picked D up from BART station.
Had banana flower salad, tamarind soup, flambéed bananas, and lemonade soda at Saigon city.
Drove home.
Checked email.
Pooed, read Death.
Scanned texts for presentation.
Ate banana, drank Emergen-C.
Brushed teeth.
Blown by D, came.
Checked email, shut down computer.
Put on Tye mass.
Made semblance of order.
Went to bed.

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