Cycle 45: On the Nose

Fusion Cuisine

Boar becomes pig become pork becomes tonkatsu.

Paddy becomes brown rice becomes white rice becomes flour becomes vermicelli becomes bun cha.

Hunting becomes farming, nomad becomes sedentary, forest becomes city, raw becomes cooked, Claude Lévi-Strauss becomes GMO.

All the world and time becomes my international dinner becomes the mingling spreading savors becomes the tantalizing aroma tickling my cosmopolitan nose.

Follow Your Nose

The nose can detect 10,000 different smells.
Smell becomes odor becomes scent becomes aroma becomes fragrance becomes perfume becomes bouquet becomes savor becomes stink becomes stench becomes redolence.


The egg on the plate becomes a bolus in the mouth becomes chyme in the stomach becomes amino acids, sugar, and fat in the small intestines becomes feces in the large intestines becomes the smell of shit rising to my undisgusted nostrils as I read Ulysses on the toilet.


Imagining you, I want to see you, hear you, touch you, smell you, taste you, become you. After you come, I want you to go away . . . but your smell lingers.

Soap Becomes Civilization

The Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans (but not the Greeks) used soap.

In 1995, Americans consumed 600 million pounds of soup. They consumed even more detergent.
. . . fire becomes civilization becomes ash becomes soap . . .
Soap becomes civilization.

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