Cycle 47: In Touch

You are de espider

One foot in the Philippines, more water than land. Another foot in America, imaginary empire in decline. Yet another foot searching for an unbounded country to wonder on and on in. (Though I don’t know it, my feet have always known – I’m already there.)


Top, bottom, versatile – who’ll care one hundred years from now? One hundred years from now, my ass will be innocent again. (It never lost its innocence.)


My father’s dick, my grandfather’s dicks, my great-grandfathers’ dicks, my great-great-grandfathers’ dicks, . . . , the Big Bang, . . .

In my mother's womb, my cock used to be a clit.


In every tradition there is a warning myth – don’t look back.
Back when I was Catholic . . .
Back when I was straight . . .
Back when I was I . . .
Suspended between the past I remember and the past I don’t, who am I?

Autobiograph 247

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